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Resume from 19 July 2022

Handyman, packer, cleaner, anything with no work experience. in Skive

I am looking for a job in Skive, willing to relocate, kr 50, full time
Васильев Илья Олександрович
Васильев Илья Олександрович 18 years old, Skive, incomplete higher education

No work experience

Incomplete higher education

Рубіжанський політехнічний колледж імені О. Є. Порай-Кошиці Луганского національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка , Рубіжне
3 years 4 mo. Sep 2019 - Dec 2022


English - basic, Ukrainian - fluent, Russian - fluent

Additional information

● Responsible – I always complete the task on time
● Friendly – it’s easy to work with me.
● Diligent – I always work my best.
● Resolute — I’m motivated.
● Adaptive - I can quickly adapt to work.

Resume number: 433
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