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95/cu m EXW  
wholesale €95/cu m
We produce any sizes of lumber on your request. Own Production is in Belarus. A tree species from which we saw is pine and spruce. We can dry, dip in the transport antiseptic. There are certificates of own production, phytocontrol, country of origin form CT-1, certificates FCS and PFSC. We produce
25 Aug 2021
Fumigation free export wood pallet moisture-proof forklift board 1, 2, 4-ways pallets
Price on request
We are one of the leaders in wood production within Europe. Ourwood products are sold in European retail and wholesale chains. Last year, we produced and sold 60,000 tons of wood products with quality certificates, 3,000 m3 of split firewood in mesh bags, 1m3 and 2m3 pallet crates (palletized).
18 Dec 2023
DIN 17225-2 (A1/A2) Pine, spruce, Fir Pellets and Split Kiln dried firewood logs (25cm)
DIN 17225-2 (A1/A2) Pine, spruce, Fir Pellets and Split Kiln dried firewood logs (25cm) - photo 1
DIN 17225-2 (A1/A2) Pine, spruce, Fir Pellets and Split Kiln dried firewood logs (25cm) - photo 2
+4 photo
DIN 17225-2 (A1/A2) Pine, spruce, Fir Pellets and Split Kiln dried firewood logs (25cm) - photo 3
We are premium supplier of various kinds and types of softwood and Hardwood products such as; Sawn timbers/Lumbers, Wood logs, Biomass wood & fuel products such as Firewood, wood Briquettes, Wood Pellets, Charcoal. Elements for pallet manufacturing, Plywood's such as (OSB, MDF etc.), LVL beams...
25 Sep 2023
Wood pellet
Wood pellet - photo 1
Wood pellet - photo 2
Wood pellet - photo 3
Wood pellets are the most common type of pellet fuel and are generally made from compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes from the milling of lumber..
19 Oct 2022
Brus - photo 1
Brus - photo 2
+4 photo
Brus - photo 3
550/cu m FCA
On an ongoing basis, we accept orders for the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber: pine, spruce, order preference 160x180 / 200x9-13m; Applications are accepted until the 10th day of each month, the deadline is 45-50 days.
20 Jan 2022
Beam, board, edged board
$1/cu m FCA  
wholesale $1/cu m
Our company successfully works in the market of production of lumber and woodworking. The main activities of the company is the production, wholesale of lumber from wood: timber, edged board, board not edging, mounting rail. At the moment we offer a wide range of sawn timber. All the lumber
5 Sep 2018
Chopped beech firewood / Hakket bøgebrænde / Дрова колоті букові
Chopped beech firewood / Hakket bøgebrænde / Дрова колоті букові - photo 1
Chopped beech firewood / Hakket bøgebrænde / Дрова колоті букові - photo 2
+11 photo
Chopped beech firewood / Hakket bøgebrænde / Дрова колоті букові - photo 3
215/cu m
We are a Ukrainian company, that is engaged in lumber industry. We provide firewood of hard species such as beech. The logs are packed in 1RM and 2 RM crates. Each log can be cut into pieces of 25 or 33 cm, 8-12cm diameter. Firewood is kiln dried to 16-25 % moisture content which gives you a long
30 May 2023
Пиломатериалы, доска, брус
Пиломатериалы, доска, брус - photo 1
Пиломатериалы, доска, брус - photo 2
+4 photo
Пиломатериалы, доска, брус - photo 3
Wholesale price
105-110/cu m FCA
We are a producer of timber. Sell export lumber (pine, spruce) of natural humidity and chamber drying (KD). We will be glad to cooperate in.
3 Aug 2019
Пиломатериал ы дуб ясень
Пиломатериал ы дуб ясень - photo 1
Пиломатериал ы дуб ясень - photo 2
Пиломатериал ы дуб ясень - photo 3
150/cu m FCA  
wholesale €150-1,000/cu m
Lumber production pine, spruce, oak, ash, linden we are looking for wholesale buyers we look forward to collaborating Please order according to your specifications Производство пиломатериалов сосна , ель , дуб , ясень , липа ищем оптовых покупателей будем рады сотрудничеству віполним заказі
29 Jun 2019
Брус, Поддоны , заготовки для поддонов
Price on request
We offer the supply of lumber Belarus Vertinsky Andrei Petrovich, Director Viber
4 Mar 2019
Price on request
Good day! At the moment, communication by phone, WhatsApp is possible only in russian. Messages in any language are read, translated, the answer is written using the translator It is advisable to send information in print. Looking for a customer (buyer) for sawn timber of natural moisture and
28 Jan 2019
Пиломатериалы по супер ценам!!!
Price on request
Ищем иностранных партнеров, для создания совместного деревообрабатывающего предприятия с производством на Украине, и реализацией готовой продукции на территории Вашей страны. На данный момент, наша фирма имеет достаточный опыт в производстве доски, бруса, палетной заготовки и других пиломатериалов,
8 Oct 2018
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Дрова колотые
Дрова колотые - photo 1
Дрова колотые - photo 2
+4 photo
Дрова колотые - photo 3
138/Ящик (ящ) DAP
Sale!!Sale!Sale!! Dear Sirs, We produce chopped firewood, air and kiln drying, in wooden crates 1RM,1,8 and 2RM. Have Humidity from 15 till 29%, length 0.25m or 30-31 sm. Price on terms Dap Denmark- • Mix (aspen, maple, alder, birch, not less than 2 species of wood, minimum 20% of one species)
22 May 2020
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