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Daloon, AS

Профиль компании
Представитель компании
Hans Jorgenexport Sales ManagerПоказать контакты
Адрес компании
Delfinvej 3, DK-5800 Nyborg
Delfinvej 3, DK-5800 Nyborg
Регистрация:  1 апреля 2024
Индекс активности: F10.3
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Деятельность компании

Daloon is a Group, an international conglomerate with a rich history that goes back to 1970. The group’s activities are focused on three strategic business areas: wholesale, retail and leasing. Even though the conglomerate’s subsidiaries have a global reach, it is still a family-owned business where good business sense lies at the foundation for all its activities. The group’s subsidiaries have an annual turnover of roughly DKK 7 billion and employ roughly 1,750 staff, making it one of Denmark’s largest family-owned groups.

Компания образована в 1970 году, численность 200 чел.

Объявления компании

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Red Bull Energy drink 250ml Can - Ready for Export
0.68 €/шт
Daloon, AS, Нюборг (Дания)
Red Bull Energy drink Can 250 Ml Perfectly suited for retailers and distributors, this product falls under the Food & Beverage category. Straight...
Prime Hydration drink 500 ml by Logan Paul
1 €/шт
Daloon, AS, Нюборг (Дания)
Prime Hydration Drink Bottle - Refreshing Prime Hydration For Export offers a crisp and classic taste in a convenient 500ml Pet bottle,...
Refreshing Danish Coca Cola for Export
0.29 €/шт
Daloon, AS, Нюборг (Дания)
Danish Coca Cola Can 330 Ml brings the quintessential taste of cola with a Danish twist, originating straight from Denmark. As a Wholesaler and...
Pringles 165g - Quality Wholesale Snacks
1 €/шт
Daloon, AS, Нюборг (Дания)
Pringles 165g: Daloon A/S presents a variety of delicious Pringles snacks directly from Denmark. These tasty chips are available in enticing...
Takis 3.25oz/93g - Flavorful Wholesale Snacks
1.20 €/шт
Daloon, AS, Нюборг (Дания)
Takis 3.25oz/93g - Snacks, also known as Takis 3.25oz/93g - Quality Wholesale Snacks, offer a crispy and delightful snacking experience. Imported...
Все объявления: 5
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Daloon, AS Hans Jorgen, Export Sales Manager
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