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TARA, SRL Фельтре, IT
на Флагма с 7 октября 2019
Uhrynyuk Svyatoslav Ivanovich


We are the Polish company TARA, we offer cardboard by one of largest manufactures of Byelorussia

Years of experience have allowed us to establish a production custom cardboard designs according to individual customer order, and a wide range of standard types of packaging according to FEFCO catalogue.
Tasks of any complexity.
Thanks of extensive experience in the corrugated cardboard and advanced equipment, the manufacture of cardboard packing will be quick and effective. Our own production facilities allow us to take into account the dimensions, shape and weight of packaged products. This way you will get the perfect packaging for your product-stylish, modern and reliable! Advantages of the company Individual approach
Highly qualified professionalism
High quality
Class service
Competitive prices
in production
-four-Valve corrugated box made of three-and five-layer corrugated cardboard with two-color printing
- Products of complex construction (die-cut products) with two-color printing
- Accessories for corrugators (gaskets, plates, grilles)



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TARA, SRL Фельтре, IT
Работает на Флагма с 7 октября 2019
Uhrynyuk Svyatoslav Ivanovich
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Uhrynyuk Svyatoslav Ivanovich
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TARA, SRL Uhrynyuk Svyatoslav Ivanovich, director
Цена по запросу ID: 1713909
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