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EN 590
EN 590 - фото 1
Добавлено: 27 августа 2021, 09:03

EN 590

оптовая цена
от 1 $/тонна
Gruduls Ints
,  Рига, LV
на Флагма с 20 сентября 2016


Seller's Mediator, Company LLP confirms with full corporate responsibility that our Seller is ready, willing and able to enter into a contract to sell the following commodity as specified below and that funding is available including any export permits needed to fulfill this sale:
COMMODITY: Diesel fuel EN 590 10ppm
QUANTITY: from 50,000 ton per months
CONTRACT: 12 month
PRICE: Plat's FOB Rotterdam minus $ 9 ton
PAYMENT TERMS: SBLC PB: Seller issue 2% PB
Procedures: 1. Seller's Mediator sends SCO
2. Buyer/Buyer's Mediator sends LOI.
3. Seller’s Mediator sends Full Corporate Offer to Buyer.
4. Buyer/Buyer's Mediator signs, stamp the FCO and returns it to Seller's Mediator.
5. The buyer issues an ISPO, according to the samples of filling out the documents by COMPANY, with
the bank details of the buyer's bank, also the buyer fills out an information sheet in accordance with the international form CIS, on a letterhead, indicating the details of the buyer's bank, the data of the buyer's bank officer and sends ISPO and CIS to the seller's company.
6. Seller issues Sales Purchase agreement (SPA) to the Buyer for revision and acceptance. Both parties sign and exchange copies of SPA. The buyer prepares a scanned color copy of the passport of the signatory of the contract and sends it to the seller in a separate file.
7. The buyer and the seller, after signing the contract, register it in the banks of the seller and the buyer, respectively.
8. The buyer's bank, at the buyer's request, draws up an extract from the buyer's account, indicating the balance of funds in the name of the seller and on the buyer's bank letterhead, with a bar code, sends it to the seller's bank.
9. The buyer's bank, at the buyer's request, issues an RWA for the seller sends it to the seller's bank via
the interbank SWIFT code, and notifies the seller's company of this .
10. The buyer's bank, at the buyer's request, draws up a bank guarantee MT 760 (SBLC) for the seller and
sends it to the seller's bank using the interbank SWIFT code, which notifies the seller's company.
11. RWA and MT 760 (SBLC) by SWIFT are issued for the purchase amount of at least four months for
each type of product.
1. MANAGEMENT COMPANY (Seller) does not require prepayment from the Buyer prior to the
delivery of each shipment. Purchase and shipment of products is funded directly from the company's own
2. MANAGING COMPANY (Seller) is the copyright holder of the products sold and after receiving
MT760 (SBLC) by SWIFT provides the Buyer with PPOP, POP, SGS documents in accordance with a
sales Contract.

Номер объявления: 1714612
,  Рига, LV
на Флагма с 20 сентября 2016

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