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Stick Pack Sugar Machine

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Марин Мария
на Флагма с 7 июля 2021


NURPACK Machine with interrupting movement is indicated to form, fill and seal high quality three side seal (back seal) stick pack. It is a multi-lane stick pack machine, capable of producing sticks from 45mm to 140mm with three models STG5, STG6, and STG10. The machine is equipped with color HMI, offering all advantages of using an industrial computer like controlling the speed of the machine, centering the bobbin stand, activate/deactivate the photocell unit, changing the length of the stick, and so on. It is a CE certificated machine with safety doors and warning signs that can help the person who stands beside the machine to take care and don't harm himself.

We use high-quality electrical components from very famous brands like LS (LG), ABB, SCHNEIDER, and SICK also first-class Turkish brands.
NURPACK machines come with 2 years of guarantee.

- High-speed smooth operation machine
- Bobbin finish and product-level sensors
- Machine situation lamb and safety door
- Volumetric dosing
- Magnetic break (STG10 model only)
- Surfaces in touch with the product are from SS304
- Electrostatic paint machine body
- Counting of stick packs
- Rotating slicing knifes
- Easy to clean and maintenance

Номер объявления: 1714565
на Флагма с 7 июля 2021

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